Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Sketchbook Challenge

On my desk today I have The Sketchbook Challenge by Sue Bleiweiss. A whole host of artists have shared pages from their personal sketchbooks to make this book possible. I bought my copy through - of course. The back cover reads:

Have you ever bought a new sketchbook, opened to the first page, and thought, "Now what do I do?" Sue Bleiweiss and the talented minds behind The Sketchbook Challenge are here to help.

Imagine a supportive community of artists sharing the innermost pages of their sketchbooks and offering you tips and techniques for overcoming creative blocks. That's what The Sketchbook Challenge is all about, and the popular blog of the same name has already inspired thousands. Inside this book, you'll find:
 · Themes that will motivate you to start your sketchbook—and, more important, keep at it
 · Tutorials spotlighting such mixed-media techniques as thread sketching, painted papers for collage, digital printing, and much more
 · Strategies to get off the sketchbook page and start creating inspired art—whether you're into painting, collage, fiber art, or beyond
 · In-depth profiles of artists who have taken the Sketchbook Challenge and used it as a launching pad for their own meaningful artwork

I picked up my copy last night and started thumbing through. It covers a variety of media, has lots of beautiful full-color photos of art in progress, tips galore, and basic hands-on information detailing what steps to follow. Understandable for the beginner, yet challenging enough for the more advanced. If you want to get into sketchbooking/art-journaling, you can't go wrong with Sue's book, The Sketchbook Challenge.
The Creator's Leaf


  1. i believe is full of inspiration ;)
    get to work!!!

    1. i will, fifi :) i'm wanting to play with some paint today!

  2. Replies
    1. i hope to post a book every few days until i get caught up with my shelf :)


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