Saturday, October 13, 2018

Day 13 of Inktober and 31 Products Challenge #inktober #inktober2018 #31productschallenge #hahnemühle

Alice Hendon, day 13 Inktober, 2018, tangle pattern zello
 A lot has happened since I posted last.
My computer died.
Bought a new computer. 
Book publisher died.
Looking for a new book publisher.
Blog commenting isn't my fault.
Blogger is messed up.
Looking for a new blogging site. 
Is that how you spell "site?"

Back to art-ing.
Above is day 13 of Inktober, 2018.
The tangle pattern was a new one to me,
a fun one with lots of flexibility.
From Eni Oken - it is called zello
with a Zensations Technical Pen
from Zebra Pens
Love it all!
Alice Hendon, day 13 of the 31 Product Challenge, 2018, mixed media
 And we move on to day #13 of the
I did do some work on this each day
this month, I just haven't posted them
all here. There will be a massive
post at the end of the project.
Promise, with lots of photos!
Today I used Caran D'Ache Neocolor
Watersoluble pastels to make marks.
Circles, lines, smudges.
It was highly satisfying. 
Alice Hendon, day 13 of the 31 Product Challenge, 2018, mixed media
Close up of a small section.
Those purple circles are what I added today.
No idea at all where I will be going with
this next. But I know it will be fun!

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Days 10, 11 and 12 of Inktober #hahnemühle #zebrapenusa #inktober #inktober2018 #inktobertaa

Alice Hendon, days 10,11 and 12 of Inktober 2018 tangled tile
I am having major computer issues, among other
issues, hahaha! but we are slowly working our
way back around to the light.
I hope. 
that has been watercolored with Tombow brush
pens. I used a Zensations Technical Pen
from Zebra Pens for the tangling. 
Plain graphite for shading and a white
gelly roll pen for highlights. 
So much fun!
The tangles are quaddy, nymph
and nymbis. Two of the three are
brand new to me and I loved them!

Need a place to hangout for Inktober?
Head on over to Tangle All Around on
Facebook and I'll add you to the group.
Many of our members are participating
and posting their first pieces of art in the
group. And it's all beautiful!
Click here and I will let you in. Tiles can be purchased here
Sensations Technical Pens can be purchased here.

Commenting on blogger is no longer working.
I would love to hear from you but that is only
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Thank you!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Days 8 and 9 of Inktober #hahnemühle #zebrapen #inktober #inktober2018 #inktobertaa

Alice Hendon, day 9 of Inktober 2018, Zebra Mildliners
I am falling behind on Inktober
Blog issues, book issues, computer issues, 
new computer issues.
It's been a messed up last 4 days!
This tile was for October 9th, which was yesterday.
for both these days.
The color on this one came from Zebra Pens'
beautiful mildliners
I used them like watercolor - which worked
The tangle is a relatively new one called
I threw in some printemps because . . .
why not?
Alice Hendon, day 8 of Inktober 2018, twinkling H2Os on Hahnemühle Tile
 Here is day 8.
Working backwards.
The color came from Twinkling H2Os,
a product that originally came out about
20 years ago and still works great today.
For both these tiles I used a 
to do the tangling.
Patterns on this one are:
and printemps

Want to join us for Inktober?
My Facebook group Tangle All Around
are working through the month together.
I am really pleased with the number of
people participating and all the beautiful
and inspired work they are posting.
It is really just awesome and amazing!
You can come see what I mean

Want to pick up some of the super Tiles from Hahnemühle?
Click here.

Zebra Mildliners?
Click here.
Technical Pens?
Click here.

And please come back tomorrow.
In between installing a new computer,
moving all the files over, trying to find a 
new publisher, and possibly even a new
blogging site -
maybe I will be able to fit in a tile.
Because I am now behind.
The struggle is real.

Note: as much as I'd love to hear from you,
the comment function of my blog no longer
works. Why? Your guess is as good as mine,
because we have been working on it literally
for a couple months. Just know you are loved
and appreciated! 

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Days 6 and 7 of Inktober #inktober #inktober2018 #inktobertaa #hahnemühle #31productschallenge #zebrapenusa

Alice Hendon, days 6 and 7 of Inktober 2018
 Really happy with the way this tile turned out!
I made the background color with 
Ranger Distress Ink pads,
just kind of scrubbed them around on the paper.
That would be a Tile from
(And they are working out great for this Inktober!)
The patterns I tangled are O-cee and Onamato.
Just the two.
I thought they worked very well with the
beautiful colors in the background.
I used a Zensations Technical Pen from Zebra Pens.
They work great on these tiles,
and on top of the distress inks.
We are doing Inktober together as a group
over on Facebook at
Want to join us?
It isn't too late - 
it isn't too late until it's November -
join us here.
Want to pick up some of these awesome
You can do that here
Alice Hendon, day 6 of the 31 Products Challenge
 Another program I am working with this October
The thought is to pull all those art supplies
out of the closet - you know we all have them -
and use a different product each day this month.
I am working on a 12" x 24" art canvas.
Above is what I did on day 6.
(I think I am working too hard and fast and will
be done before day 31 is here.
Ranger Distress Ink pads.
Used them to scuff up those collage pieces
and swipe some color here and there.
You can check out the 31 Products Challenge here.
Alice Hendon, ATC making for the letter D, Disney of course <3
I am in another group on Facebook called
One of the events going on right now
is the letter D swap.
We make 2 ATCs to trade with someone in the
group - based on the letter D.
This shows the bare bones of my ATC.
I will show you the original after it makes
its way to its new owner. 

Just a reminder - if you try to leave a comment
and I don't reply it is because blogger is not
sending me notifications of comments
and they are not showing up in the 
moderation area of the blog. 
I still love you!
I just can't tell you.
Oh wait, I just did!
Have a great day!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Ultimate Frustration

Migraine alert.
If you have been leaving comments
and I haven't been responding
it is because I no longer receive them
and we do not know why.
For months we have been working on 
this and have not made any progress.
Please be patient.
And if you don't hear from me soon
it means I banged my head on the table
one time too many.
And too hard. 

Friday, October 5, 2018

Day 5 Inktober and It's Getting a Little Harder #inktober #inktober2018 #hahnemühle #zebrapenus

Alice Hendon, day 5 Inktober 2018, tangle pattern dazl
It's getting a bit harder to keep up with both
challenges I am doing.
Got a little carpal tunnel stuff going on with
my drawing hand.
In a brace right now and taking it easy,
other than making this post. 

Day 5's tangle is Dazl.
Got to say this one doesn't do anything for me.
I opted to keep the design minimal
and I think it was effective.
Makes me dislike dazl a little less this way.
Sorry, Diana. 

some Distress Ink from Tim Holtz, 
a white Gelly Roll from Sakura,
and that is pretty much it.

I admin a Facebook group called
and we are working through Inktober together.
Care to join us?
You can by clicking here.

You can purchase some Hahnemühle
And the Zensations line of pens here

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Day 4 Inktober #hahnemühle #inktober18 #zebrapenus

Day 4 of Inktober brings me back to another
Ranger Distress Ink pads.
That background color is the distress ink.
I used Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils
to shade and add the green.
Apparently you can't see all that green
bleedover when the tile is actually its
 normal size of 3.5" and not how it shows
on this screen. 
Tangling was done with a Zensations
Technical Pen from Zebra Pen.
Hahahaha! Oh well!
Oh! The tangles are:
rixty and viola.

Don't have a place to hang out for Inktober?
Come on over to my Facebook group
where we are doing Inktober together.
We would love for you to join us. 

Want to pick up some Tiles?

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Day 3 Arting is Happening Now #hahnemühle #zebrapenus #inktober2018 #31productschallenge

Alice Hendon, Inktober 2018 day 3 art
 Day 3 of Inktober and I'm still going strong. 
The art for day 3 was done on a
I used distress oxide ink pads from Ranger
and scraped on color, as well as rubbed 
the tile in a watered down version on 
a craft mat. The tangle for the day is ballace.
That is the one done in the round.
The other tangle I added is gnarly.
A fun and forgiving tangle that can be
done in just about any configuration you wish.
My Facebook group Tangle All Around is doing
Inktober together. Want to join us?
Alice Hendon, 31 Products Challenge, day 3 progress
So I'm also doing the 31 Products Challenge.
I loved the way this large canvas looked prior
to today. Now I am just not sure. 
The thought is to use a different product each 
day for the entire month of October. 
I opted to use this 12" x 24" canvas.
I will look at it again tomorrow and if I hate
this, you will be seeing a bunch of white
on it tomorrow. Hahahahaha!
For some reason I can not get a true color
photo of this.
It is fluorescent pink, purple, and yellow on a
white background. Today I used craft paints
(cheap ones) to add some messy marks.
The blue and yellow ones are glow in the dark.
Time will tell. 

you can join Inktober fun with us here,
you can purchase Tiles here,
and you can join the 31 Products Challenge here

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Day Two of Inktober #inktober #inktober2018 #intobertaa #hahnemühle #zensationschallenge #31productschallenge #zebrapen_us

Alice Hendon, Day 2 of Inktober, 2018, Hahnemühle Tile
 Day two of Inktober, 2018, 
is a done deal.
I have tried to photograph this piece of art
several times, I even scanned it and it still looks
out of focus to me. Strange.
Anyway, the tangle pattern we are focusing on 
today comes from Barbara Steyer and it's 
called Baecube. Those cubes are offset and they
look hard, but they are really easy to do with the
step-out she created. 
For Inktober I am using Tiles
I prepped this tile using Tim Holtz' Distress Inks.
I tangled with a Zensations Technical Pen from
Zebra Pen where I am an Artist Ambassador,
then shaded using my Derwent Inktense 
watercolor pencils.
So much fun!!!
Alice Hendon, INktober using Baecube from Barbara Steyer
Why don't you try baecube and see
what you think. 
Alice Hendon, Day 1 of the 31 Products Challenge on a large canvas
Birgit Koopsen is hosting a 
31 Products Challenge,
where we use a different art product for
31 days in a row throughout the month
of October. Some people are doing a
different project daily.
I am too busy for that, so I opted for
a largish canvas that I will add to each day.
Above you see what I did yesterday.
I used some Pebeo High Viscosity Acrylic Paints
and a brayer to slap on some color.
I really love it at this point,
but I am going to make myself continue.

Want to join us for Inktober?
Come over to the dark side.
We have cookies. 
Just kidding!
We totally don't have any cookies at all.
But . . . 
you can simply click this Facebook link
and join us at
I will let you in the group and you can
join us for Inktober.

Want to purchase some Tiles
made by Hahnemühle?
You can do that here.

Want to check out Birgit's 31 Products Challenge?
You can do that here.
Happy Inktober, everyone!
Talk with you tomorrow!

Monday, October 1, 2018

Inktober 2018 Has Begun! #inktober2018 #inktober #hahnemühle

Alice Hendon, Inktober 2018 is here
Inktober 2018 is here!!!
What is Inktober?
During the month of October, we encourage people
to make a piece of inked art every day,
in hopes of creating a new habit
A healthy habit. 
Alice Hendon, Inktober 2018 is here, here is my day one tile with A-sku
I admin a Facebook group called
and we are doing Inktober together.
I created a list of 31 tangle patterns -
one for each day of the month - 
and we are using this list to work our 
way through October.

My plan is to use the Hahnemühle Tiles every day this month.
They love color as much as I do
so this is a win-win situation all around!
Today's prompt was the tangle
That would be the tiny link-like pattern running
diagonally through the center.
To that I added some printemps (surprise, hahahah!), 

If you would like to participate in Inktober
with us, head on over to 
(you can just click that link)
and join us.
We are a large, but very friendly, group
who help each other learn and advance
our tangle skills.
You would be an excellent addition!

Want to purchase some Tiles?
You can do that here