Saturday, June 16, 2018

Review Coming Soon #hahnemühle #hahnemühlebamboo

color review forthcoming for Hahnemühle Bamboo, Alice Hendon
 If you follow my blog you already know -
I love bold, bright and colorful!
Just look at my wall!
I call myself a color artist because it is what
I prefer and it is what I have studied.
Each of the pieces above also have a back side
full of color!
And I'm going to be doing a complete review
soon on these projects I made using
Just need to tangle a couple first.
layered string for the week, Alice Hendon, zentangle
And it's the weekend!
Although, when you are retired it is always
the weekend!!!
Saturday is the day I post new prompts for
the week in my Facebook group
I give them a string to tangle and I thought
I might as well give it to you, too.
You know. 
In case you aren't in my group. 
And if you aren't - why aren't you?
Just messing with ya!
If you are interested, you can check us out
Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Days 56 - 63 of The 100 Day Project #the100dayproject #zentangleallaround #ledaartsupply

 I liked it better when I was posting a piece of
art each day for The 100 Day Project,
but life has a way of interfering.
This post will catch you up with everything
I've done through yesterday.
The tangled string above is from the first
page of strings in my new book
Day #56.
The tangle is rain from Zentangle® HQ.
Available on Amazon, there are a total of
378 strings already drawn for you.
All you need to do is tangle them. 
 Day #57 goes back to my 
This technique is one I learned from fellow CZT
Tracy Lake. It involves the use of black gesso.
I was impressed I found a jar in my desk.
 Day #58 was completing a drawing I started quite
some time ago based on an Eni Oken video class. 
You know how I love dragons!
This was drawn in my 
Some of the tangles include: 
printempscurlz, shattuck, crescent moon, diva dance
coaster and a couple I am still working on.

Day #59 must remain a secret until later. 
Day #60 was part of my Getting Sketchy work
for my Facebook group Zentangle All Around.
Sketchbook work where I was practicing tangles:
membranart, snelly and A-fog.
Apologies to Kathy Redmond.
That tangle on the right is called A-fog 
and it was created by Kathy.
 I recently posted a prompt in Zentangle All Around
for some inked string art. So much fun!
While Kali was here we played with this idea.
This particular spread of pages was made in
my Baby Leda using autumn gold Daler Rowney
Liquid Acrylic.
For day #61, I added tangles printemps, bales 
and betweed to the page on the right. 
 For day #62, I added the tangle printemps
 to the page on the left.
 Here they are together.
Yes, I could have done much more tangling
on these but I really liked the simplicity. 

 And day #63 - was again in the Baby Leda.
I used printemps (of course) and a new 
tangle I've been playing with.
I'm calling it corrogate. 

The 100 Day Project is over halfway complete,
but you can still get involved if you would like to.
You can read about the project here.
And if you would like to join us in
as we do this project together,
just click here
You will need to ask to join the group
and I will let you in. 
It is that easy!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Draw a Grevy's Zebra #zebrapen #zebrapen_us

Grevy's Zebra drawing tutorial, Alice Hendon,
Most of you already know I am an
Artist Ambassador for
A couple weeks ago, Zebra asked me to
develop a tutorial for drawing a Grevy's Zebra. 
Their mascot Zen is a Grevy's zebra, 
an endangered animal.
This is the drawing I made.
Zebra is featuring the tutorial on their blog
and in their social media today.
To see the steps you can follow to draw
your own set of Grevy's Zebras,
You too can find Zen in your pen!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Days 69 - 71 of The 100 Day Project #the100dayproject #zentangleallaround #tanglestartsstrings

day 69 of The 100 Day Project, Alice Hendon
 The 100 Day Project has been a challenge.
An enjoyable challenge and one to be proud of -
but a challenge all the same. 
Above is day #69 completed in my 
Tangles from top to bottom:
florz, printemps, black tie. 
day 70 of The 100 Day Project, Alice Hendon
 Day #70 was also completed in the
Tangles Starts Strings book. 
Tangles are all boxed up and footlites
day 71 of The 100 Day Project, Alice Hendon
 Day #71 is the start of a beautiful journey -
I hope. Hahaha!
to use and review. I am using it to set up
some of my favorite tangles.
An easy reference guide.
Hahnemühle actually has a couple products
that work great for this idea. 
completed page from Tangle Starts Strings, Alice Hendon
Here is the first completed page in my
most recent book -
The cool thing about this book is the strings are already drawn for you. 
A grand total of 378 of them. 
All you have to do is pick up a pen and start tangling. 
Many people struggle when it comes to drawing a 'string'. 
That is what you call the line that divides your work area into sections. 
In Tangle Starts Strings I have taken that issue and
handled it for you already.
Tangle Starts Strings available on Alice Hendon
I am really happy with the way this book turned out.
If you should want to check out the book a little more,
just click here
And thank you for looking, I really appreciate it.

Now, on to day # 72 of

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Days 67 and 68 and a Luna #the100dayproject #hahnemühle #zentangleallaround

Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media and schmincke watercolors, Alice Hendon
 I had some fun the last couple days playing with
Schmincke watercolors and 
This particular pad of Bamboo is 3.1" x 4.1" - 
small enough to play with and get a feel for
the paper, 
and large enough to actually accomplish something. 
Above is Day 67 of The 100 Day Project
Some days color is all I can accomplish. 
And I do love me some bright color!
From the new limited edition 
pure yellow, chrome yellow deep, transparent
orange, ruby red, sap, phthalo green,
helio cerulean, and French ultramarine. 
Went on really smooth with my water brush
and the colors flow into each other really well.
AD markers from Chartpak on Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media, Alice Hendon
 This piece was really fun!
For day 68, I used AD Markers from Chartpak.
They are an alcohol marker with a really 
strong smell, matched only by their
brightness and boldness.
I love the colors so much!
I thought I would be able to move them around
some with a water brush, but that did not work.
So I pulled out a blender and smoothed out some
lines that way, then used the tip to make
those little corn row shaped patterns over
the rows of color.
Love this one!
bleed through AD markers from Chartpak on Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media, Alice Hendon
 And I got a bonus piece!
My first ever bleed through to make a
bleedthrumanade ala Sandra Strait!
This is the back side and I like it almost
as much as the front.
Can't wait to try some more of this Bamboo
paper with some other types of media. 
nice Luna Moth got inside the house in Maine, Alice Hendon, we released it back outside
Last night Mark opened the door for us to go
outside and this guy flew right in past us.
This is a Luna Moth. 
We had them in Florida and I am always
surprised when I see one here in Maine. 
This Luna was about 6" across the wings.
She posed sweetly for some photos,
then Mark got a step ladder,
caught her and released her back outdoors.

It's been a rough weekend.
Blog issues all day yesterday.
My friend Cindy was able to fix it this
morning and I was sooooo happy!
We grilled hamburgers yesterday -
they were yummy!
We need to do that more often!
Now I'm going to watch some more reruns from
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
and tangle!
Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Day 65 and 66 #the100dayproject #zentangleallaround #hahnemühle

 Yesterday I blogged about the colors I used to make this piece of art. 
I used Schmincke and Da Vinci watercolors. 
Schmincke has for a long time been my favorite brand. 
Da Vinci is pretty amazing, too!
Here is the piece I showed you yesterday.
I literally sat down with a water brush full of water,
some sample dots of color from the new Schmincke limited edition set, 
and a couple half pans of Da Vinci watercolor.
I swiped colors back and forth and blended some edges.
I left some edges rough and let the water 
just seep out onto the edges of the paper.
 That would bring us up to day 65 of
I used a Zebra Sarasa Fineliner and two of
the Sarasa Technical Pens to add some tangles. 
I really love how it turned out!
For day 66, I used some basic dime store colored pencils 
to add some highlights and shade to a few locations. 
Love it so much more now.
If you kind of squint and look at it through your eyelids,
it looks like a little smiling monster guy with a long beard.
It's awesome!

I am working in a Bamboo Mixed Media book
from Hahnemühle
Review to be coming very soon. 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Day 64 #the100dayproject #zentangleallaround #hahnemühle

For day #64 of
I got to play with some new toys.
I started with a spiral pad of
Bamboo Mixed Media paper from Hahnemühle.
I purchased mine from Amazon.
My friend Jennifer McLean recently had the 
honor of choosing the colors for 
Wet Paint's new Schmincke's custom palette
Jennifer was able to send me some dots of
the colors to try out for myself.
(I have already ordered my full set of colors
in a wonderfully beautiful tin!)
So, while watching reruns of Marvel Agents of SHIELD 
a couple nights ago, I used a water brush 
and just started swooshing some color 
around a page in my Bamboo spiral book.
That bright pink is Opera Rose,
the pretty blue is cobalt turquoise.
That next shade of blue is helio cerulean. 
I even added some French ultramarine.

Jennifer also sent me some samples of
Da Vinci watercolors - I added some
quinacridone rose and permanent magenta.
I left this page sitting out overnight to
dry and this is the result.
I love it!
These colors are so yummy and 
look so incredible together.
And the Bamboo page handled all the water 
I used with no problem at all.
I tend to be a little heavy handed with the water,
even when using a water filled brush. 
Love my day 64 so much!
Now I am adding tangles and hope to show
you that tomorrow for day 65.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Little Housekeeping

The past few months I have been thinking about making some changes to my blog.
I've talked with several people I look up to in 
the art industry and each has suggested
branding under my specific name. 
With my book business - hopefully - continuing on
and bringing new readers,
they say I will be easier to find using my
personal name. 
I've thought about it a lot.
The Creator's Leaf has memories.
It has a purpose. 
Do I really want to abandon that?
So this is what I've decided.
Effective yesterday, the web address will be
but I did not abandon all ties.
The previous addresses -
have just been forwarded through to the
new address. 
Nothing has changed.
My mission is still the same.
To bring honor and glory to Him.
Over the new week or so a new topper will 
appear at the top of the page.
The background may take on a new look.
I really haven't gotten that far.
These are major steps. 
Everyone who was subscribed before
should still be receiving the posts.
The Go Daddy guru named Justin
promised me that no one would be
left behind.
So here's to a little housekeeping.
Mostly just hoping it works. 

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Days 44 - 55 of The 100 Day Project #the100dayproject #zentangleallaround #ledaartsupply #tanglestartsstrings

my art for The 100 Day Project, Alice Hendon, The Creator's Leaf
 Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile.
My daughter came for a visit and stayed for
a week. We had a great time. And then
she flew back home. Here is a picture of us 
together. Isn't she beautiful?
So that top photo was created in my
I am trying to do most of my art for
in this sketchbook. It is the perfect size!
This was day 44.
Love that little Lilah Bean space guy!
The background color is 
my art for The 100 Day Project, Alice Hendon, The Creator's Leaf
 These two photos are days 45 and 46.
I made a much larger piece on a sheet of
Hahnemühle Cézanne hot pressed watercolor paper.
Can't show you the whole piece just yet.
my art for The 100 Day Project, Alice Hendon, The Creator's Leaf
my art for The 100 Day Project, Alice Hendon, The Creator's Leaf
 Then it was back to the Baby Leda.
Above is day 47 which features my patterns  
 airways and ripped screen. 
my art for The 100 Day Project, Alice Hendon, The Creator's Leaf
 Day 48 also has airways.
and patch patterns,
and jetties
my art for The 100 Day Project, Alice Hendon, The Creator's Leaf
 Also in the Baby Leda, day 49
has are two new tangles I haven't
published yet called mertail and zone.
my art for The 100 Day Project, Alice Hendon, The Creator's Leaf
 On May 23rd, I released a new book.
(You can see the cover below.)
Since the 25th of May, it has been
#1 on the hot new release list.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
The book contains 378 pre-strung squares
just waiting for you to add tangle art.
You can do one every day for a year,
and then some!
Above is day 51, where I worked the very
first string in the book.
Patterns include my tangle TootsieMoon
and zentangle patterns printemps and betweed.
my new book Tangle Starts Strings, Alice Hendon, The Creator's Leaf
Yay!!! for everyone who picked up a copy already!!!
my art for The 100 Day Project, Alice Hendon, The Creator's Leaf
 Day 53 was back to the Baby Leda. 
A big ole zinger filled with tangles -
coaster, onamato, purk, and another
version of copada. 

Did you notice days 50 and 52 are not here?
They were a project I made for
Zebra Pens.
Hope to be able to show that to you soon. 
my art for The 100 Day Project, Alice Hendon, The Creator's Leaf
 Back to the Tangle Starts Strings book for
days 54 above and
55 below.
Above are the tangles diva dance rock 'n roll,
printemps, and a wavy thing I don't know
if it has a name or not yet.
my art for The 100 Day Project, Alice Hendon, The Creator's Leaf
 Day 55 has tangles printemps and indy rella,
along with my coral
Here is the first page of strings from my book.
I still have one more to do today.
And notice - there are spaces for you to
document the names of the patterns you use. 
my new book Tangle Starts Strings, Alice Hendon, The Creator's Leaf
The book does not come with the spiral
binding. I had that added at Staples. 
my new book Tangle Starts Strings, Alice Hendon, The Creator's Leaf
So there you are.
All caught up with what I have done for
(Actually today is day 61.)
And you are caught up on the progress of my book.
Should you wish to purchase a copy,
And thank you so much!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Number One! Thank you!

#1 on hot new release list, Tangle Starts Strings, Alice Hendon, The Creator's Leaf
Thank you to everyone who purchased a copy of
You made it possible for my book to rise to
#1 on the Amazon Hot New Release list!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
#1 on hot new release list, Tangle Starts Strings, Alice Hendon, The Creator's Leaf
 #1 on the Hot New Release list is a
really big deal and I appreciate each of you
so much!
#1 on hot new release list, Tangle Starts Strings, Alice Hendon, The Creator's Leaf
If you haven't checked
you can read more about it here.
It might just be what you need to get
you tangling!