Monday, September 24, 2018

Retro Flowers on Hahnemühle Cappuccino #hahnemühle #hahnemühlecappuccino #tangleallaround

This is the original project I built on a page
Just as the name implies - the pages are grey
in color. With a weight of 55 lbs., I didn't know
 what to expect when adding wet media
but this paper worked like a champ!
The book wrap says the paper has a
non-absorbing surface,
so I figured to try that out with some 
watercolor and acrylics. 
For the bottom layer I used Altenew's
new watercolor palette and a wet flat brush.
I was really happy with the way the paper
took the wet media. 
The added flowers are Daniel Smith watercolors.
(I believe in the video I referred to them as acrylics.
My mistake. They are watercolors.)
I received so many questions when I posted
this piece on Instagram, that I thought to make
a video showing the steps.Alice Hendon, retro flowers in Hahnemühle Cappuccino Book
In the interim, Hahnemühle sent me their
which is exactly like the Grey Book with the
exception of these pages being a coffee color.
More like a latte, actually.
So I followed the same steps and created the
piece above. 
Again the paper worked great!
This time though, I videoed the process.
You can follow along with the video below.
I appreciate any and all feedback.

Here is a link to my YouTube channel
where I hope to be posting many more such
videos, as well as tangle videos.
I will continue working in both the Grey Book
and the Cappuccino Book and will be posting
a much more comprehensive review soon.

The Grey Book can be purchased here.
The Cappuccino Book can be purchased here

Sunday, September 23, 2018

My Style of Printemps #tangleallaround #tanglestarts

A faithful reader named Barb asked me to video the way I tangle printemps. I hope this will make sense and encourage you to give my printemps style a try. 

Need a tangle place to hang out?

I admin a Facebook group called Tangle All Around.

We have a great membership of encouragers and inspirers. Come check us out here and I'll open the door for you.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Can You See the Progress in Your Art? #tangleallaround #taa

Alice Hendon, Tangle All Around I Dare You prompt
This post is a
Show and Tell
post. Hahaha!
This week's 
I Dare You! prompt
was to take your very first piece of tangled art
and re-create it. 
The purpose is to show that you are progressing
and improving in your tangle skills.
This is especially important when you don't
feel like you are getting better.
When you are unsure that you are getting
You are!

The tile on the left is the very first one
I ever did. Scratchy uneven lines, overlaps and
all! If you click once on the photo, it should
enlarge where you can see all the imperfections
and boo-boos. And I was crazy proud of this tile!
I was teaching myself from the Zentangle Basics
book Suzanne McNeill had out.
No formal training by a zentangle teacher.
I remember texting it to my daughter to
show her what I was learning.

Well this week, I pulled that tile out and
tangled it again - the way I tangle now.
You will notice I do some of the patterns
differently now. But overall it is the same tile.
Yes, I have been doing this for 6 years.
And this is how I can see that I have improved.
That I have progressed.

If you are questioning whether you are tangling
better, if you are progressing and growing your
I challenge you to pull out the very first
piece you ever tangled
do it again.
Then look at the two side by side
and you will see a miracle.
I promise. 

Interested in the I Dare You! prompts?
Come join us on Facebook at
I post a whole new batch of prompts
I would love for you to join us. 
Alice Hendon, Tangle All Around I Dare You prompt

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Finishing Some Projects #hahnemühle #hahnemühlegreybook #dylusionsinksprays #altenewwatercolor #taa #tangleallaround

Alice Hendon, Hahnemühle Grey Book, Altenew watercolors and sharpie
Yesterday was a day for finishing up projects.
Above you see a page in my
(yes, those pages are grey in color)
that I covered with Altenew Watercolors
using a simple flat brush. 
Just a little color blocking.
Once it was dry, I used the same flat brush and
made rings of petals.
Yesterday I went back in with a straight up
black Sharpie and added everything you see
in black. And popped in some white gelly roll 
details to complete the page.
Super simple but fun. 
Through Instagram I have already had a
video request to show how to do this page.
That will be coming soon.
That and a video showing how I draw
my printemps. 
And I might add that even though I used a straight up Sharpie - 
it did not bleed through this 55 lb. paper. 
I honestly don't think my layer of watercolor
stopped that, so it had to be the paper. 
Alice Hendon, dylusions ink spray base completed with some of my original tangle patterns
This piece has been a thorn in my side for several years.
It started off about 12" x 20".
Somewhere in that ballpark.
I did the Dylusions Ink Sprays first and started
tangling the page.
A little at a time.
And I pretty much always hated the way it looked.
So I would stick it back on the shelf and do
something else. 
Then one day I would pull it out and do something else.
And still hate it.
A couple days ago I figured I'd give it one more go.
As I looked at it yesterday I realized there was one
section I actually liked.
It was all the rest that I didn't like.
So I got out my paper cutter and lobbed off
this section (about 8" x 10") 
and chucked the rest into the trash!
Take that non-zenful stuff that I drew!
And then I completed this portion and kept it.
And now I love it!
Let's see. Tangles that I kept:
fiore (gotta love fiore!), blooming butter,
loads of tipple and printemps,
my own airways and a new one I am totally
going to call anemone. 
And boom!
Done and in love!
And it only took me about 4 years.
Not even kidding. 

Today I am working on the new I Dare You!
prompt from my FB group
We are taking our very first zentangle tile we
ever made
and are recreating it now that we have a little
experience under our belts.
Stay tuned.
That will be tomorrow's post.
Want to join us in a very active,
inspirational and encouraging tangling group?
Click here to see what it's all about.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Doing a Little Tangling #tangleallaround #janedavenportinkredibleink

Alice Hendon, using Jane Davenport's inks for the first time, tangling in Maine
 Trying to get back in the routine of posting every day.
That means I need something to post.
I got some new inks from Joggles last week.
Jane Davenport's Inkredible Inks.
The colors are bold and lovely.
They didn't spread very well when dripped into
water, but I was able to push them around
a bit with a heat gun. 
Not sure how many colors she came out with,
but I have nine. Yay!!!
I love bright and beautiful!
And then I tangled on them cause that's 
what I do. 
You probably will not recognize most of the
patterns because they haven't been
released yet.
Except for coral and airways.
Alice Hendon, tangle starts treasures, tangling in Maine
 This one was a little easier.
About 3" x 4", I used crescent moon,
hached, knase and Harlee Qwin.
Alice Hendon, tangle starts treasures, tangling in Maine
 Another 3" x 4" piece, using eye-wa, florz,
and two of my own that haven't been released yet.
Alice Hendon, tangle starts treasures, tangling in Maine
 A 4.5" tile with printemps and a pattern I'm 
working on called chunky monkey -
except I made some boo-boos. 
So I guess you can call this one flunky monkey.
Alice Hendon, Facebook Tangle All Around milestone
And yay!!!!!
Our Facebook group
just hit 5,400 members this morning.
We will be working through INKtober
together during October.
Want to join us?
Come here and knock on the door.
I'll let you in <3 .

Monday, September 17, 2018

TV Time Last Night #alicehendon #procreateart

Alice Hendon, zendala fun on the iPad with the Procreate app
I just realized I forgot to shade this.
Oh well, I'll do that tonight when we watch
reruns on TV. Thankfully new episodes start
back up next week.
As much as I love Merlin, and Atlantis, and 
the Musketeers, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
there are only so many times you can watch them.
Trust me on this one.
I do like the way this turned out.
It was my first time to try something
curvy like mooka. 
And I'm liking the crazy lines on betweed.
First orbs I've done as well.
I must have drawn that largest one 20 times
before I could get the start and end points
to meet. Couldn't do that on a piece of paper.
Shading 101. 

Sunday, September 16, 2018

New Release: Tangle Starts Treasures #tanglestartstreasures #artangleologyseries #tanglestarts #tangleallaround

Alice Hendon, new release Tangle Starts Treasures overview
Book #4 in the
is now available worldwide on the
various Amazon online store websites. 
Just released yesterday,
had already jumped to the
#1 spot on the Hot New Release list 
within a couple hours. So exciting!!!

 Described as a 
traveling treasure trove of tangle temptations
this book actually came about as a result of
some questions in the Facebook group I admin
I had a lot of members asking how they 
could organize and store their tangle 
pattern step outs in one location.
I figured it was about time I designated an
Artangleology book to meet that need.

Alice Hendon, new release Tangle Starts Treasures overview
 Above you see the index for Treasures.
Primarily it is a place to draw step outs for the
tangle patterns you want to keep track of.
The ones you will want to be able to draw at a
later time and not have to worry about where
in all the websites and blogs you may have seen
that one certain pattern.
Now you can make a record of the ones you find
interesting . . . when you find them interesting!
That way you know where they are.
They will be in your book of treasures.
Alice Hendon, new release Tangle Starts Treasures overview
The step out pages are set up like this.
There is room to record the steps for up to four
tangle patterns per page. 
You should always record the name of the 
pattern and the designer if you know them.
It is considered courtesy to credit the 
designers when you use their patterns. 
You can not do that if you do not
know the information.
Each page has a tile where you can create a 
piece of art using the patterns from that page. 
You can easily store step outs to 376 patterns in
More if some of them have less steps. 
Alice Hendon, new release Tangle Starts Treasures overview
I included some strings for your use.
Some basic, some zendalas.
All you need to do is tangle them.
They are very much like the strings found in
Alice Hendon, new release Tangle Starts Treasures overview
 There are also some blanks tiles for you to
create your own strings, then tangle.

Remember it is primarily for the organization
and storage of tangle pattern step outs. 
Have some favorite tangles you want to remember,
but don't necessarily need to record the steps?
There are pages where you can do this.
Been wanting to try your hand at creating your 
own tangle patterns? 
There are instructions teaching you how to do that.
Alice Hendon, new release Tangle Starts Treasures overview
Any time I can share a photo of one of my dragons -
it is a good day! Hahaha!
This is Mushu.
The red one.
The other one is me

is an excellent resource to add to your 
zentangle materials. 
One thing I forgot to mention is the size.
At 6" x 9" Treasures is just right for
on-the-go tangling. 
Whether in an airport, a hotel room
or sitting on your sofa, 
Treasures can make the trip with you 
and be there when you need it.

You can see more about
Tangle Starts Treasures 
and hopefully purchase your own copy
Thank you so much for appreciating my art
and being so supportive of my books!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Working in my Tangle Starts Book #tanglestarts #zebrapen #artangleology #mixedmedia #tanglestartstreasures

Alice Hendon, working in my Tangle Starts book available on
So much fun!
I've been having a lot of trouble getting
into tangling lately, and I just wanted to
draw lots of printemps.
Sometimes that is all I can make myself do.
And I didn't feel like making a background.
So I pulled out my Tangle Starts book which
has all that work already done for me.
was the first book I solo published.
All the pages are in full color and they are
backgrounds that I made using many different
mixed media products.
All I had to do was add the tangles themselves.
So I used my Zensations Technical Pens from
Zebra Pen where I am an artist ambassador
and I started by drawing the little printemps.
One thing led to another and I ended up with
a lovely little underworld scene.
Alice Hendon, working in my Tangle Starts book available here
The pages in Tangle Starts can be tangled 
right in the book. This would give a wonderful
tangled journey of your work.
you can use the pages for art journaling.
Either in this book or remove the pages
and use them in your own art journal.
you can tear up the pages for collage work.
It really is a pretty amazing book with all
the artistic opportunities it provides.
You can look at it further here
and if you want a copy, it can be purchased

I released a brand new book today.
I'll blog about it tomorrow,
but if you don't want to wait you can get a
little preview here
Alice Hendon, Tangle Starts Treasures, my newest book available on

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Tealing the Tangles #tanglepatterns #airways #shiretown

Alice Hendon, tangle step outs for Shiretown
There has been so much discord in the tangle community lately. 
One side against the other.
It has seriously diminished my love for the art.
I am trying to get it back by standing on my own,
not siding with either side.
You may have noticed my posts have changed more
 to putting color on paper and playing on my iPad. 
Alice Hendon, tangle step outs for Airways
I thought maybe if I took my own tangle patterns
and made them look "more me" that would help
bring some of that happiness back.
You may have noticed just by looking around 
my blog that the color teal is important to me. 
Teal makes me happy.
It makes me smile.
So I thought if I framed my step outs in teal
that would make me feel better and it would
help me take my own stand.
For me. 
So that is what I am doing.
Today I remind you of the tangles
Shiretown and Airways. 
I hope you will use these patterns
and just have fun!
And if you do - I'd love to hear about it!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Procreate Meets Hahnemühle Harmony #hahnemuhle #hahnemuhleharmony #procreateart #dalerrowney

Alice Hendon, Hahnemühle Harmony Hot Pressed watercolor paper and Procreate app combo
I have been playing with the Procreate App 
on my ipad at nighttime while we Netflix.
'While we Netflix.' Heheheh. Like it's a verb! 
Alice Hendon, Hahnemühle Harmony Hot Pressed watercolor paper and Procreate app combo
 I took this background I had saved online and
uploaded it into the app to tangle on.
To make the background I used Daler Rowney 
Acrylic Artists Inks and water on a sheet of 
 Paper. I did a whole bunch of backgrounds 
and saved them before I drew on them.
Glad I did, too! Cause I can tangle on all of them
in the Procreate app - as many times as I want to!
Alice Hendon, Hahnemühle Harmony Hot Pressed watercolor paper and Procreate app combo
 The colors in this background don't really speak
of underwater sea life, but that is totally where
my brain went. So my pen went along for a
journey and we started tangling up some airways
and some printemps-armed-wavy-thingies
that I really like a lot!
Alice Hendon, Hahnemühle Harmony Hot Pressed watercolor paper and Procreate app combo
 Gotta have shading to makes things have dimension.
I am still figuring this part out in the program,
so I tried 'flat marker' this time and I like it.
Overall. Still a learning process.
Alice Hendon, Hahnemühle Harmony Hot Pressed watercolor paper and Procreate app combo
I liked the tangle combination so much I continued on
and added more of both tangles. 
I thought I was done, but I felt like the piece
needed one more little airways blob
in that upper corner. 
I was shading as I went along,
I didn't want to forget. 
Alice Hendon, Hahnemühle Harmony Hot Pressed watercolor paper and Procreate app combo
And then I was finished. 
So much fun!
A whole little group of anemones. 
Maybe that is what I will name that

Interested in the Hahnemühle Harmony?
You can purchase some right here