Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Day 3 Arting is Happening Now #hahnemühle #zebrapenus #inktober2018 #31productschallenge

Alice Hendon, Inktober 2018 day 3 art
 Day 3 of Inktober and I'm still going strong. 
The art for day 3 was done on a
I used distress oxide ink pads from Ranger
and scraped on color, as well as rubbed 
the tile in a watered down version on 
a craft mat. The tangle for the day is ballace.
That is the one done in the round.
The other tangle I added is gnarly.
A fun and forgiving tangle that can be
done in just about any configuration you wish.
My Facebook group Tangle All Around is doing
Inktober together. Want to join us?
Alice Hendon, 31 Products Challenge, day 3 progress
So I'm also doing the 31 Products Challenge.
I loved the way this large canvas looked prior
to today. Now I am just not sure. 
The thought is to use a different product each 
day for the entire month of October. 
I opted to use this 12" x 24" canvas.
I will look at it again tomorrow and if I hate
this, you will be seeing a bunch of white
on it tomorrow. Hahahahaha!
For some reason I can not get a true color
photo of this.
It is fluorescent pink, purple, and yellow on a
white background. Today I used craft paints
(cheap ones) to add some messy marks.
The blue and yellow ones are glow in the dark.
Time will tell. 

you can join Inktober fun with us here,
you can purchase Tiles here,
and you can join the 31 Products Challenge here

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