Monday, April 30, 2018

Days 24 and 25 of The 100 Day Project #zentangleallaround #the100dayproject #ledaartsupply

waters are rising in Maine as the massive amounts of snow melts, Linneus, Maine, Alice Hendon
 It has finally stopped snowing and the temperatures
are rising in Maine. 
As they do, the snow is melting and
putting massive amounts of water into 
the streams and in everyone's yards. 
This stream is between Houlton and Linneus.
Normally the water doesn't extend into those trees.
When I shot this picture, there was a house that
had water within 1-2 feet of its front doors.
The next day we noticed the water had receded
a bit and they seem to be safe.
Mud season is in full swing and that's ok
because I got some really cute new boots!
Simple pleasures.
beautiful skies in Linneus, Maine, Alice Hendon
 This is the road we live on. 
Actually at the end of that potato field on the
right, where you see the trees begin -
that is our property.
Where the trees begin.
Beautiful start of the sun going down last night.
days 24 and 25 of the 100 Day Project, art for 100 days, Alice Hendon of The Creator's Leaf
 This 100 Day Project is getting to be more of
a commitment than I first figured it to be.
It is hard to keep up day to day.
Even with the 15 minutes time frame 
that I set for our group.
I am still working in my 
The pages are 3.5" x 5.5" so they aren't 
really that big. And it is still hard.
days 24 and 25 of the 100 Day Project, art for 100 days, Alice Hendon of The Creator's Leaf
For days 24 and 25 I worked on a two
page spread of printemps
Originally I was going to fill both pages.
days 24 and 25 of the 100 Day Project, art for 100 days, Alice Hendon of The Creator's Leaf
Towards the end I changed my mind and opted
to make it look like the printemps were blowing
away - off into the upper reaches of whatever
is beyond that page.
So the drawing itself was day 24.
The shading was day 25.

And speaking of shading -
I am an artist ambassador for Leda Art Supply
They have a prototype 3.0 mm mechanical pencil 
a few of us are trying out.
The shading on the left hand page was done 
with the new pencil. 
I really like the weight of the 3 mm in the hand.
And I like the thicker lead. 
It lays down really nice and smooth, 
it's a dream to blend with my tortillon,
and I like the way it looks. 

The right hand page was shaded with the 
It's a lighter weight in your hand.
It goes down a little scratchy - I never
could find the right spot on the lead
to make it smooth.
But I like how it looks overall.

So between the two pencils - I am torn.
I like the feel, the weight, the application and the
smoothness of the 3.0 prototype better.
I like the darkness of the 2.0 better. 
I had to work harder to get the graphite down
with the 2.0 but I liked the overall look more.
The 3.0 is definitely easier to use.
So I'm thinking the 3.0 will be what I want to
use from the Leda line, although both are
excellent mechanical pencils.
You just can't go wrong with a Leda. 

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  1. I love seeing your Printemps - they're just so distinctive. Isn't it amazing what a difference the pencils can make?? It's fascinating to see comparisons like this.

    1. I was really surprised with the difference between the 2 pencils. I guess I'd never really thought about it before.

  2. Meant to say - be careful with all the mud, even with boots it can be ever so slippery.

    1. oh yes, I'm all about the not falling thing. haha! I've fallen way too many times


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