Sunday, April 2, 2017

I Washi Taped My Bible :)

 Having a lot of fun and enjoyment working 
in my journaling Bible. 
Still not comfortable with any of the preparation
steps I've tried in order to use watercolor
on those thin pages yet.
In the interim, I though I'd use washi tape
to mark the first page of every book
in the Bible.
It's a good thing I have a ton of washi tape.
I had no idea I had around 100 rolls.
I guess a girl can never really have too much
washi tape.
I do use it for a lot of things.
I like the color it's bringing to my Bible.
And it is a 'dry' media.
That's a plus.


  1. I love this!! how did you do it? both sides of the page or just one? trimmed off or folded over on the top and bottom?

    1. sandy, they suggested putting a piece of waxed paper under the side of the Bible page. I put the washi tape face down along the edge of the front page, turned the page over and folded it over the back side. so it's half and half on the front and back. then I trimmed the corners because my pages have rounded corners. supposedly the washi tape won't stick to the waxed paper, but my paper kept rolling up and causing problems. so I threw it in the trash and used one of my small craft sheets. they come from Tim holtz.

  2. I love this! You have some of the most wonderful ideas!

    1. thanks! really can't take credit though, I saw this on Pinterest :)

  3. I know what you mean about dry media - looks great & colourful. I think I worked out which Bible it is too - ESV Single Column Journalling? Love the contrast of the colourful washi against the black/dark brown boards/cover.

    1. yes, from Crossway :) black hardback cover. it needed a pop of color :)
      I have another one that has a pink cover and pink roses stamped on the edges when the Bible is closed. that one will eventually go to Kali. this black one will go to Jason.


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