Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Trying to Get Back in the Routine

Wow! It's been twelve days since I posted.
And, yes, I realize my blog looks weird.
Having a bit of an issue with photobucket,
hopefully Cindy will be able to figure it out soon.

I had a wonderful trip to Colorado, and the great news is
I did not have an issue with the altitude.
The medicine the doctor put me on worked!
I was pretty groggy the first several days,
but eventually I was able to do a little tangling.
This is the biggest project I worked on.
A little flux, rock n'roll, rain, beadlines, cruffle,
TootsieMoon and blox.
A fun piece to draw!

I'm working in the studio -
re-organizing - again.
One of the CZTs started a facebook group
for studios and it has started a desire
to re-organize.
Stay tuned in a couple weeks for new studio shots.


  1. Looks great & really set me off chuckling for the central Tootsie Moon looks like a long caterpillar with lots of eyes. Love the way Cruffle has Beadlines suspending the Flux/Rock 'n' Roll panel. Have fun with the Studio!
    Paula (PEP)

    1. hahahaha! i started with that line of TootsieMoon and went from there. thank you for pointing out it looks like a caterpillar - which totally makes sense with all the flowers. i wondered how it tied in - now it makes sense :)


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