Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Something New to Stretch My Wings

The last art journal prompt I worked on was -
to spread our wings,
reach outside our comfort zone,
to try something new.
This has 'try-something-new-stretch-your-wings'
written all over it!
Believe it or not -
I started with this.
I used the same journal I've been working in,
gessoed a two page spread,
then covered it in this beautiful teal
Golden's Fluid Acrylic.
Once that was dry, I started adding elements.
I used Liquitex matte medium, 
coated the back of each piece,
stuck it in place and covered the front and the
edges with the same product.
Basically just glued all this stuff in place.
(That piano music is from an old Broadman's hymnal that my grandmother gave to me when I was about ten. I used a page that had fallen out of the book.)
Somewhere I read that Dylusions Ink Sprays
spread well if you used your finger and just rubbed
them on the page.
Whoever wrote that comment needs to be fired.
I still have pink stains on my fingers and
I started this project almost a week ago.
And, as much as I love dylusions,
I hated the way this looked.
So I used a baby wipe and removed as much as I could.
A shame the same doesn't work on your hands.
I did like the coloring I was getting then
with the teal/blue background and the
hints of pink here and there.
I still wanted that crazy pink look -
just not the one I got with dylusions -
so I took some Jasmine Inka Gold
and rubbed it around the two pages.
Then I sprayed some Sparkle Shimmer over both pages.
Now I was getting somewhere.
I added some texture by smearing texture paste -
I actually used modeling paste because my
texture paste is MIA -
through a stencil, which gave me flowers
and cool little circles.
Then I brushed a line of dylusions Funky Fuchsia
across both pages, tilted the book,
and spritzed water, allowing it to run
down the pages.
I liked the way the dylusions adhered to the modeling paste.
I used my finger to remove modeling paste
from the top of the butterfly, 
and used some London Blue and Crushed Grape
dylusions to rub on the butterfly wings.
I just kept adding color with cheap WalMart acrylics . . .
. . . and Golden's fluid acrylics, until I got a look I was happy with.
I added doodles here and there and tried so many products, 
trying to find ones that gave acceptable coverage.
I used Derwent's Graphik Line Painters for the black circles.
That is a mistake I won't make again anytime soon.
Smear. Smudge. Skip. Spit. Not happy.
I traded out and started using Posca Paint Pens.
Happiness in a paint pen.
All the instructions are in Japanese,
so I just winged it and did what seemed right.
Then I added some gloss to the butterfly and the box on the left page using some gloss gel medium.

I learned a valuable lesson - even though I still like the way this looks.
I forgot that Dylusions Ink Sprays are not waterfast.
When I used wet product on top of them -
like the posca paint pens -
the paint picked up that lovely funky fushcia 
and turned the white posca to light pink :). 
But I'm totally ok with that cause I love pink!

Outside my comfort zone?
For sure
This is something I've wanted to try for a long time.
And I love the way it turned out.
Warts and all.


  1. It's so helpful seeing how it looked as you worked & amazing to see the difference between the stages. Amazing that you managed to get round the smudging Graphic Line Painters so beautifully. Hope your pink hands are fading.........
    Paula (PEP)

    1. it was all a learning experience. and i'm ready to make more pages :)

  2. Wow Alice. This turned out so different from when you first started. Seeing the different stages you worked through was very helpful and interesting. I love how it turned out. Thanks for sharing this. By the way, a pumice stone should help in getting that paint off your hands. Something similar to a pumice stone is sold for stamping inks, but I can't remember what it's called. They both work pretty good......Linda E.

    1. haha! i saw those stones at the stamp convention - didn't get one - too many people in the way and couldn't get to it. i'll pick one up online. thanks for the tip :)

  3. I love what you did here and how you described different part of the process. Lovely page.

    1. thanks! a learning process and such a fun one :)


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