Monday, November 24, 2014

Christmas Shopping? How About an Art Journal?

Looking for a special gift for that artist in your life?
Looking for something special for yourself?
Something to jumpstart your creative spark?

OK, that was 'hook' enough for me.
When coaching speech and debate students, 
we suggested they start with a hook,
something that will grab your audience and 
pull them in.

Well, Rachel's Bookshelf doesn't need a hook.
Rachel sells these beautiful hand-made
art journals and I was lucky/blessed
enough to be able to talk her into
making two of them for me!
And I got to pick the fabric for the colors.
Brights! But, of course!

Rachel has a bunch of beautiful
art/zentangle journals available on her facebook page
Rachel's Bookshelf.
She is super nice and easy to work with.
Just tell her what you want and she will make it happen.
I promise.

The pages in my books are 6" wide x 9" tall.
(I never know which of those numbers to list first.)
The paper is 140# coldpressed watercolor paper.
There are 30 pages - or 60 work surfaces.

Now, I am going to be selfish and keep
these journals for myself.
you could order a couple just in time for
Christmas presents.
Someone is going to love you for it!
I promise!

Check it out - 
Rachel's Bookshelf.

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  1. Really super patterns - I can see why you went for these. Hmmm - think I'm going to have to delve amongst the 50 or so packed boxes …………………….. trouble is I'm in danger of ending up in a box myself they're so big!
    Paula (PEP)


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