Monday, November 4, 2013

Closing In

I am really having a hard time focusing lately. My health hasn't been great and stress levels are taking a toll. I am trying to remember that this isn't permanent. That better days are just ahead.  So I make myself draw. 

Zentangle® is an awesome art form that allows me to just.not.think. I can stand at my work table for hours and draw little lines and make beautiful art. What you see above is what I drew last night. And seriously, it was just one little line after another. You wouldn't even believe how easy that big spiral flower thing was to draw. 

I am still working on a large scale project. When completed - this will be cut down into 16 ATCs with one color accent. I'm leaning towards blue or purple, but not totally decided yet. It's that focus thing again. Haha! Actually - it screams for watercolors but alas, that isn't to be. So sad. Well, I'm just going to go ramble on a bit more at my work table. Hoping your day is blessed and that you get to make art!

The Creator's Leaf


  1. It's so good isn't it - to just not think & to get one with achieving something. It's hard to stay focussed when your body isn't co-operating, never mind all the meds. You're a huge encouragement. I like this idea of black & white plus one other colour.
    You take care of yourself - will continue with prayer.
    Much love
    Paula (PEP)
    PS - getting more movement back.

  2. Beautiful!!Yes Zentangle inspired art can relive the stress factor for sure.I also find it very helpful. g.a.s.

  3. This is gorgeous! Hope you're feeling better soon! ((Hugs!!))

  4. All your artwork you share is so inspiring. And it is beautiful!!! Thanks for your step-outs and pictures. I also am working on a big ZIA project. But I have very limited energy and many headaches, so the process is going very slowly. I hope better days will come soon and you will feel better.

  5. Alice, your doodling is beautiful! These posts are inspirational! Thank you for sharing!


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