Sunday, October 14, 2012

Go Do Your Homework

"Go do your homework" takes on a whole new meaning! This week I started a water color pencil class that Dion Dior is teaching! I am beyond excited! I have been following Dion's blog for a few months now. I love how she uses rich, vibrant colors - bringing them to life in her drawing. She and LeeAnn are two of my favorite artists. They both "get" color and I want to "get" it, too.
We had our first assignment. We will probably get another one on Tuesday. Already I am behind on work. Thankfully it is a 'work at our own pace' kind of class. To have a better understanding of how our pencils work, we set up a color swatch book. I got carried away with that (nothing unusual there) and included every color pencil I have. Well, the water soluble ones, at least. I didn't include the pastels, or chalks, or the really old pencils, or plain colored pencils, or any of my pan watercolors. (Wait! Maybe I should go back and do those, too, but then I'll be like two weeks behind instead of just one. Way to make an impression on the teacher! Hahaha!)
But, really. I had no idea I had all these beautiful colors! (Kali's highlights in her hair are that next to last color.) I pretty much use my derwent inktense pencils all the time. Now I'll learn how to use them effectively, and include all these others I have like the metallics, the graphitints, the blocks. Yes, I am shameless. What can I say? It would appear I have three drawings to get done and colored this week. Which ends tomorrow night. Yeah, I'm not going to make it.
What's that you say? What does this have to do with my water color pencil class, homework not completed, three sketches and coloring homework to go issue I'm dealing with? Not a thing. But isn't this cute???

Stay tuned to see if I get bailed out in time. Stay tuned to see if Dion is still talking with me when she sees what a difficult student I am. (And, of course, you know I am only kidding. Mostly. Hehehehehe!) Can you spell incorrigible? Homework to follow. Soon. I hope. That's the plan.

The Creator's Leaf


  1. Eeek - I'm a whole week behind. The trick is to do the minimum you need to get through the course then go back & revisit to do the exploring. Trouble is I get side-tracked into exploring & oops - a whole week later, plus one needs to actually say a word or two to husbands. & there is the small inconvenience of food. Or I discover something isn't blending like the teacher showed - so, what have I done different??? It took me umpteen tries to discover that my Letraset Pen (supposedly equivalent to a Pigma Micron) DOES NOT combine with a Tombow Blender!!.
    Paula (PEP)

    1. hahaha! at least that's one lesson i won't need to learn the hard way - thanks :)

  2. What a great idea to have a color chart. Sounds like Dion has interesting classes. Can hardly wait to see if you posted homework. (I am days behind reading blogs and trying to catch up today.) I love Dion. Can't find how to follow LeeAnn on her site. Oh well. Have fun!!

  3. Sounds like a fun class, Alice! Looking forward to seeing the results. I haven't played with my watercolour pencils for years - I might be inspired to get them back out!


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