Monday, July 23, 2012

Pink Cognito

I really like this new pattern ziggy by Judy West! It's nervy and lots of fun to draw.  I just really felt like drawing circles - so here it is - Pink Cognito. Totally done with microns - no, I did not use my watercolor pencils - hahaha! So it is possible to go without for one time. Patterns - wiggle worms, ziggy, portholes, chevron, and a variation of my own hached. You should 'like' Judy's FB page - Judy's CreativeDoodling - and have a look at her work!


  1. I like your design. I like doing cirlces also. Glad you enjoyded Ziggy. I have been without the internet since Monday. I am suffering from withdrawals. I think I am almost as addicted to the internet as I am to doodling.

    1. haha! thanks, judy, i've actually used ziggy a couple times now - not all posted probably. it's fun and i really liked the little streaks of pink here.

      and i am miserable when i have no internet - it's time to head to the library when that happens - haha! glad you are back up and running! always look forward to seeing what you have posted new :)

  2. This is super cool. I enjoy all the circles, they remind me of really cool bubbles floating in the air.

  3. Hi Alice, Found you via Judy's site. I"m following you now on both widgets. Hope you'll do the same on mine. I'm an AMerican living in Ukraine where I teach/do arts and crafts. You can see my blog here:


  4. Oh, and I like your doodle. Very cool.


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