Friday, August 3, 2018

Watercolor Wonder Fun #robinmeaddesigns

Alice Hendon, watercolor sunset on the beach, from Robin Mead's class Watercolor Wonder
Last month I attended a workshop taught by
color artist and friend Robin Mead
She has been teaching a series of studio workshops
and the one I participated in was
Above is one of the projects we completed.
At 9" x 24" it is the largest piece of art 
I have ever made!
We used a couple different brands 
of watercolor and India ink.
I really, really love that brilliant opera rose 
color in the sun and the purples in the water.
And now . . . I am waiting for Robin to
post her next series of workshops. 


  1. I love the flow of colours blues into greens & the pinky red into the yellow with the shapes of the stylized panorama, so effective; no wonder you loved learning.

    1. it was a super fun learning experience. and I love Robin's art - so much fun creating in her studio


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