Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I Have a New Friend! #happymail #mailart

Alice Hendon, mail art from a new friend, Pam McVay
 Let me just tell you -
I am not the least bit bashful!
I saw in one of my Facebook groups
that someone had received some lovely
mail art! I loved it! And commented
that I wanted to receive some lovely mail art, too!
The artist asked me to send her my address.
And I did!
Then this came in the mail today!
Alice Hendon, mail art from a new friend, Pam McVay
 Now I have a wonderful new friend on Facebook
she is an amazing artist!
She sent me this card she tangled and
colored herself.
I love that little hummingbird!
We have been watching them here for the 
past month or so. 
Alice Hendon, mail art from a new friend, Pam McVay
The card was inside this awesome envelope
that Pam also made!
Isn't it amazing?????
I love it!
I wish I could have seen the mail person's face.
I doubt this is the normal post in our northern
section of Maine!
I absolutely love it!!!
Thank you so much, dear new friend!!!
You totally made my day!


  1. Great fun - love the hummingbird too & the robin with the 'holey' tree. Wonder how many smiles that envelope provoked along the way...........

    1. She did quite the job with this. I love It!

  2. Lucky you, absolutely an "adorable" card and note! Love the 'snail' on the mail:):)

  3. This reminds me of wonderful mail my cousin used to send my parents in the 80's. She was a favorite of my parents and lived in California so this was her way of keeping in touch. My mother looked forward to seeing her letters and saved each and every one. I think we all should take a minute and think of someone who might like to have a beauty like this!! I am jealous, Alice - as this is a wonderful envelope you received. And a new friend too!

    1. Two blessings in one. I’m trying to think of something fun I can send to her in return.


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