Sunday, October 8, 2017

Getting Sketchy

 I haven't posted my Getting Sketchy
work for awhile now. I've been working on 
a new book that I hope to have available
for purchase soon. All my spare time has been
going to that endeavor.
(I really, really love that cat-a-line tangle!)
 I just needed a break today and I thought
what better than Getting Sketchy!
For those that aren't familiar with this idea -
each week in my Facebook group
we share our sketchbook work on Saturdays.
This would include anything we worked on 
tangle related in a sketchbook, a journal, 
a notebook, on sticky notes - anything - 
good and bad, completed or not, 
full of mistakes or perfect.
We share it all because we want to learn
from others' successes, as well as
their not-successes. 
(Check out Sandra Strait's cute little
roly-poly kitty!)
Scratched out work is good.
Little notes to yourself that this might not be your forte is good.
Red stars indicating this particular pattern is a keeper.
It's all good.
And we can all learn together as a result.

So. Interested?
Head on over to 
and get involved.
You know you want to!


  1. I had to chuckle at Cat-a-line, I like the fact that you've sectioned your pages so the different tangles are easy to see. Getting Sketchy is a real favourite of mine on Zentangle All Around - as you say learning from what we consider 'mistakes' is fascinating.

    1. Cat-a-line is so much fun! Reminds me of all the cats we had in Florida. We just have Aurora now. Getting Sketchy - the name - just came to me one day when we were riding in the car. I really enjoy seeing what everyone is working on


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