Thursday, January 12, 2017

Tangle Folks

In my Facebook group 
Zentangle All Around
it is 
I Dare You! Thursday.

On each Thursday in 2017, I will provide 
the group with a challenge that I dare
them to complete.
This week I dare them to try
Billie Lauder's tangle folks.
If you click that pink link,
it will magically take you to the
instructions for this one line drawing
of Tangle Folks.
You don't lift your pen.
You draw the whole thing with 
one pen stroke.
I have tried Billie's little guys several times
in the past with no success.
So don't give up on these guys.
They are awesome!
This time I went slow and was able to
complete three cute little people - 
with no faces because that's the way
Billie draws them!
(Thank goodness!)

Color came from a set of Kaisercraft Gel Pens
that I absolutely love! 
Metallics, pastel, neon, glitter -
Kaisercraft has it all!

Want to receive all the I Dare You!s in 2017?
And - I offer something different to do six days
 of the week.
You pick and choose the ones you want to do.
Kind of like a tangled up salad bar!
You choose the calories you want to use.
Come join us on Facebook at
Zentangle All Around.


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  1. I was going to ask you about the pens when I saw them before................ looks like you had fun with them & I do like them without faces, somehow there is more character in the whole 'folk' as it were.


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