Friday, September 9, 2016

Galaxy Explosion

 A couple days ago I watched a video showing 
how to make a zentangle inspired
galaxy on canvas. 
In that video Sam Taylor walks you through
making your own galaxy.
This is the one I made.
You should try it for yourself.
 I started with an 8" x 10" sheet of art board.
Using a roll of frog tape, I traced a circle in the center.
(Frog tape. Pretty cool name. Yes?)
Then I used Grumbacher watercolors and filled
in about 3/4 of the circle with galaxy colors. 
A handy dandy toothbrush made the perfect
spattering tool for white paint stars.
 Just the appearance to this point made me think
of an exploding galaxy.
Think exploding water balloon.
Spewing out whatever is inside.
Showing force in expulsion.
I used printemps shooting away
and beadlines to show this expulsion.
 As I added other tangles, I kept with the idea
of pushing them up and out.
 I really liked what I had at that point,
but the instructions were to shade
so shade I did. 
Kind of strange feeling shading on an art board,
but it worked. Hahaha!
 Here is some detail prior to shading. 
And here you can really see those
paint spattered stars.
I love the way it looks!
(Those strange little bumps you see
are where I tried using glow-in-the-dark
white paint for the stars.
Mostly it made little bumps that didn't
glow at all.)
So, what do you think?
I think you should watch the video and
give this technique a try for yourself.
And . . . I still have two more pieces
of art board. 
Just sayin'.


  1. Beautiful and cool and all those nice words! I will try it!

    1. i'm glad you are going to give it a go, susan. it was really fun!

  2. Absolutely stunning & I must say those tangles do indeed look as if they are bursting forth from the inside of some kind of bubble. It looks like you had great fun with this.

    1. i did have fun! i may actually do this again. haha! anything with paint :)

  3. A spectacular galaxy explosion. Or is it an egg exploding with the birth of many different species?

  4. Gorgeous! I like the contrast of the color with the black and white.


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