Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It's My Birthday

Today was my birthday and I got some awesome
birthday wishes from so many friends around the world!
Everyone knows how I love my minions!
Check out the video!
Friends posted some beautiful pieces of art on Facebook in honor of my birthday.
I have the best friends around!
Just sayin'!
 And there were various extras like this beautiful cake!
 Beautiful bouquets!
 Yummy looking cupcakes,
 and balloons from my cousin!
Hahaha! One friend even picked out a Maine style birthday cake. Hahahah!
Hahahaha! My son-in-law sent me this.
 Did I mention how much I love minions?
It's been a great birthday!
Made even better by some a bunch of awesome,
fantastic friends!
Thanks, everyone!

The Creator's Leaf


  1. Happy Birthday, Alice! Wonderful to hear you had such a lovely day! Helen

  2. I lost my comment so here I go again. Hope you had a great day... your such a wonderful person ad fantastic teacher. We all love you 💖 I tell you what fantastic art work posted on your page today along with pretty pist and nice comments

  3. Happy Birthday Alice! You shouldn't be surprised about so many wonderful wishes. You are special Lady. Wishing you many more!!!

  4. Happy belated birthday, Alice. Looks like you had a great time. May you have many many more.....Linda E.

  5. I managed to be on time with Facebook but got a bit behind here so glad you had a lovely day. You're very special & give generously of yourself in inspiration. Take good care.
    Paula (PEP)


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