Sunday, August 23, 2015

Alcohol Ink Beauty

I need to start this post by apologizing for missing the
Thursday String Idea this week.
Mark and I flew to Maine to house hunt.
It was a fast-paced two days there,
and we spent two days in the air.
I totally didn't get the string drawn up for the week,
but we did find an absolutely perfect dream house!
A post with tons of photos is upcoming!

Today's piece of art is an alcohol ink fantasy!
I will be posting a tutorial on this pretty soon also.
Three colors. That is all I used. 
Reminds me of the northern lights!

The Creator's Leaf

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  1. Goodness that was a whirlwind of finding your house in just 2 days! I have to agree it does look very like the Northern Lights. Hope you can have a rest now that you're home again - that is once your book deadline is met.
    Paula (PEP)


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