Monday, February 25, 2013

Practice Grid

This lettering class - Letter Love 101, taught by Joanne Sharpe - is going to be a blast! Of course, I'm running behind - as always, still in lesson 4. I don't think my lettering will ever be as cool as Joanne's, but I'm working towards finding one or two that I'm comfortable with. And - - - if you follow this blog, OR if you know me very well, you probably realize already the real reason I am taking this class.! And Joanne does a great job of bright colors!

The Creator's Leaf


  1. Super fun and definitely gorgeous colors!! Still playing with the whimsy grids here, too =0)

  2. don't stop !!!!!
    i love it!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love how this looks like an old movie theater and the words are all up on the 'big screen'...I wish I was brave to use bright colours too.....great job!


  4. I love this! Been looking at the class and I may have to do it! She is also giving classes near me in October. You are a great commercial! Your work, as always, is wonderful! You always brighten my day!
    Sue Brailey


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