Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wall of Ice

We had a great time at Christmas up in the mountains. And I am still playing catch-up with all the photos I took and drawings I drew. We had one day with no rain.
And on that day we rode up and down the mountain road looking at ice, ice, and more ice.
This was a pretty impressive rock wall that was covered in ice. All the way around the curve in the road in both directions - a wall of ice.
And we were literally standing within about two feet of the highway. Thankfully the cars don't move very fast around those curvy roads. What a great time we had that day. Pretty soon I will show you pictures of the waterfall we visited. :)

The Creator's Leaf


  1. what a great backdrop for photos! :o) Those are great.

    1. thank you, sandy! it was massive and impressive

  2. All that ice is so very cool!!


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