Sunday, October 7, 2012

Celtic Challenge #7

Judy's Celtic Challenge to us last week was to have fun! She provided us the following template. I added a little paradox to the central portion and shaded with a copic marker. The simple lines of the zendala reminded me of a flower, so I turned sections into leaves and the remaining sections into petals. 
And, yes, I am still running behind. Will I ever get caught up? I doubt it - hahaha! But I am trying! You can go here to check out all the beautiful celtic zendalas!

The Creator's Leaf


  1. Hi Alice, I like what you have done with this Celtic Design. Better late than never. I have visited your Blog a few times before. I like the name and to item you post.

    1. thanks, judy, i always want to do the celtic challenge, but it seems i'm always playing catchup! i gotta do better!

  2. This celtic knot is a real beauty. Love it.

  3. Beautiful! It has a calmness and I love the color!

  4. You certainly create some beautiful tangles and this celtic pattern is amazing. Thanks for visiting.....

  5. Very pretty! Leaves came to mind for me, too. :)


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