Monday, June 4, 2012

Zendala Dare #7 - Catching Up!

Steampunk Zendala Dare #7
I don't like being behind and I don't want to skip a challenge. I have a list of what I need to do and I'm knocking them out one-by-one. This is my first response to last week's zendala dare at The Bright Owl. Actually, it was my second response, but my favorite so I'm pushing it to the front of the line :). As far as patterns - I used paradox and made up the rest. Then I watercolored with derwent inktense pencils - my favorite art supply at the moment.
Zendala Dare #7
This is how things work. Erin at The Bright Owl posts a blank zendala each Friday, then we take it and create a work of art with it! Above is the blank she gave us this week.
Pink Zendala Dare #7
This was my first response. Recently I hit the junkpot at Michael's. On the clearance row they had some scrapbook supplies. And in that bin were packages  of 60 (I think it's 60) round tiles. I bought a package of all white tiles and a package of various colored tiles for $0.99 each. Once you add in tax, it cost me about $2.00 to be able to create 120 works of art :). What a deal! So, for this zendala I used a hot pink tile and the patterns weave, skein, vortex, and Msst. Check out all our art contributions here at The Bright Owl. It isn't too late to add one of your own!

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  1. Your Michael's find is awesome! Why don't I ever find something like that!!! I LOVE the pink and the tangles you chose are just perfect. That top one though is probably my fave too. I LOVE the tangles you "made up"!!! I might just have to give some of them a try!! Thanks for sharing!


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