Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tangle Sampler

Last week, Tangles and Stuff offered a journal prompt to make a tangle sampler, using your own tangles, new-to-you tangles, or ones you hadn't used in awhile. I had never done a tangle sampler before, so I really enjoyed this!  I used a whole bunch of tangles - buttercup, krust, sippy, Msst, knase, beaded, hurly burly, zedbra, zuan shi, pickets, vache1, linQ, and cellu. All but one of these patterns were totally new to me. Of course I had to add some color and some sparkle with Pitt markers and At You Spica pens. So much fun! 
This is what drawing looks like to me. My journal (in this case a smash journal,) a pencil, a stump, microns, and a bowl of Frosted Cheerios and dried cranberries! Yummo!

Tangles and Stuff seems to offer a different journal prompt each week. You can check it out here! And join us next week!

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