Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Inktober and Zebra Pens #inktober2018 #zensationschallenge #zebrapenus

Alice Hendon, Zebra Pens giveaway for Inktober, 2018
Inktober is rolling right along and I am still
keeping up. It is hard to do, but so worth it!
Most of you know that I am an
Artist Ambassador
Such a super company with fantastic product!
If you are participating in Inktober,
consider posting your art on social media
with the hashtags you see above.
Each week this month, Zebra Pens is giving
away a $250.00 prize package of their
products! I actually won one of these packages
last year. It was like Christmas!!!
I am still using product I won a year ago!

The hashtags you need to use are:

Do this each day for the rest of the month
and you just might win one of these
awesome prize packages!

To check out their product line,
just click here
The first thing you'll see is Zen.
He's the mascot and pretty awesome!
He has his own set of pages on their website!
And hey! I see two pieces that I tangled for
Inktober being featured!
Awesome sauce!

Need a place to hang out for Inktober
with like minded artists?
My Facebook group Tangle All Around
is working through Inktober together
and the posts are just amazing!
Please come join us by 
We would love to meet you!


  1. Hi Alice,

    do you know when (if?) the tangle planner starts will be available. It is unavailable on both the US and UK amazon sites


    1. thank you for the question, I am sorry to say that particular planner probably won't become available again. the publisher I used sold out to another company and the planner files got pretty much destroyed in the crossover. I have tried republishing with that company but have been unsuccessful. I am working with a completely different publisher now - working on a brand new planner that I hope will be available before Christmas. it will be a steampunk based one and will be available on Amazon. I am also starting a new blog/website - hope to go live on Thanksgiving Day. there will be an announcement on this blog when I make the changeover. please watch for it. the new site will be at www.alicehendon.com thanks for your faithfulness in reading <3


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